Software giant Microsoft (MSFT) has developed a new site HTML5 Labs for developers to test new and evolving specifications and web standards that are not available in its internet explorer.

Microsoft launched a beta version of its Windows Internet Explorer 9 (abbreviated as IE9) on Sept.15, 2010 and is the upcoming version of the Internet Explorer web browser from Microsoft. IE9 also supports the HTML5 video and audio tags and the Web Open Font Format. Some industry experts claim that Microsoft will release IE9 as a major out-of-band version that is not tied to any particular version of Windows.

“The HTML5 Labs site is the place where Microsoft prototypes early and unstable web standard specifications from standards bodies such as the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C). Sharing these prototypes helps us have informed discussions with developer communities, and contributes to a better implementation experience with draft specifications, “according to a statement in Microsoft’s HTML5 Labs site.

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