Best Buy appears to have revealed even more details about the Motorola Xoom tablet, which is looking more and more like it’s slated for release on February 24.

A store ad, leaked on Sunday, also showed the device’s expected price and revealed that, even if you only want to use WiFi on the Xoom, you’ll have to pay for a data plan for at least a little while.

Best Buy’s ad, posted by Engadget, clearly reads that the Xoom will be available in stores on February 24 and that it will cost $799.99 before data.

That’s a week later and $100 higher than what the site’s sources had previously said, but others had expected something more like $800 based on documents allegedly leaked from Verizon. Previous leaks from Best Buy had shown a February 24 launch date.

More interesting, though, is the fine print underneath the main product shot, which reads, “To activate WiFi functionality on this device, a minimum of 1 month data subscription is required.”

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